ShakedownShan – December 14, 2020 – Episode 59

Some wins for liberty! The supreme court has been pretty busy lately. But what will come of these rulings? Covid vaccine is starting to roll out. Let’s talk about the groundwork being laid out by NYS for mandatory vaccination.

ShakedownShan – November 22, 2020 – Episode 58

Corona-virus lock downs part 2! Will you let fear control your life? Your holidays? Will you let your fear control the lives and holidays of others? Did you know the number of automobile related deaths world wide per year is the SAME as Covid has taken in almost the same amount of time? Let’s tall […]

ShakedownShan – September 23, 2020 – Episode 54

We are back with a new show! and I am back from lovely Mommy break! Let’s get into what’s been going on while I’ve been gone and talk a a bit about the upcoming election and the disappointing role of the LP this round.

ShakedownShan – July 8, 2020 – Episode 52

Schools… how will they reopen? What will it look like? NY to give an announcement the first week of August. Is that too last minute? Kanye announces running in 202 election. Late to the game? What would this mean for undecided voters? Hypothetically speaking, what would a Kanye West presidency look like? Fourth of July […]

ShakedownShan – July 1, 2020 – Episode 51

And we’re back! Long time nonpodcast! Things have been crazy in this Covid 19 world we have found ourselves in. Join Rick and I catch up about all that’s been going on these past few months. Things are kind of all over the place but boy does it feel good to be back at it!

ShakedownShan – March 9, 2020 – Episode 50

Super Tuesday was quite a surprise. Everyone is dropping out and now there are 3 left in the democratic race. However, Tulsi is being worked against like we knew would happen. Elizabeth Warren speaks out agins the 2020 race with cries of sexism but fails to realize that maybe she just wasn’t a strong or […]