September 22, 2018 – Shakedown Shan – Episode 19

Welcome back! Join me today to hear a bit about my recent, and totally awesome, trip to D.C. Also up, we disscuss 9/11 and the “outrage” over Trump’s 9/11 day. But that’s not all, because yet again we have Alexandria blah blah blah avoiding all questioning of her spending plans. This crazy lady has on $2 trillion (yes that’s right trillion with a “T”) out of the projected $40 trillion accounted for to go to what her plans will cost.Not to mention, that $2 trillion alone is just in tax increases. Next up on the list… Bret K! Can he really be brought to court? Closing out the episode, listen about a woman who decided the public school system wasn’t educating her kids as she saw fit and decided to pull them out inorder to homeschool them. She has been arrested for doing so and her kids put into foster care. Even though all documentation and paperwork was filled out and filed!

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