January 5, 2019 – Shakedown Shan – Episode 29

Happy 2019! We are back and ready to kill it this year! So many great things are planned for you all. I am expecting to get 1-2 guests a month on the show. I put out a post asking for guests and SO MANY of you responded! I was amazed at the response I got back from it. I can only thank you all for the continued support of the show as it grows. A lot was learned in 2018 starting the show and how it’s time to build up from our foundation.

Listen today as we spill the tea about the shutdown! Some opposing views on their wall but a good debate and lots of things to think about! Republicans try to discredit AOC with a cute, harmless and silly college music video when there are soooo many other ways to go about discrediting her. Next week we will continue talking about possible 2020 candidates!

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