December 16, 2018 – Shakedown Shan – Episode 28

Today we are happy to bring on our FIRST guest ever! Tom Dillon is a New Yorker who has overcome hard times by realizing the importance of the individual, becoming your higher self, and venturing across the country seeing new people, places, and connecting with the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Tom’s brand “Find Yours” is all about the importance of finding yourself. You are the creator of your own happiness and we can’t change the world if we first cannot change ourselves. So listen in to hear all about what Tom has to say about his blog, adventures, and how all of this relaters to liberty and our typical libertarian core principals. What a great show to end 2018 and kick off the new year!

********This will be the last show of 2018! We will be returning in January 2019! I thank all of you so very much for your ears and support! I wouldn’t be here if y’all weren’t here! I hope you all are excited to bring in a fresh new year and are getting you goals set up! Happy Holidays!**********

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